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Exercise: Since nursing school

During nursing school, it was difficult for me to routinely workout. I had always been active, but between school/clinicals/studying and work on the weekends, the spare time was limited. Some semesters were better than others. I worked out when I could, but it was inconsistent.

I began training for the Little Rock Half Marathon during my second semester of nursing school (this was my third attempt at marathon training –I walked the first one, and ran the second one). It was September. I ran outside after class or in the late evening, following a workout plan I found online a couple years back. Mid-November it became too cold for me to train outside as much as I had been, and I knew if I was to continue training, a gym membership was necessary.  So one rainy Sunday after finishing my Bible study notes at Starbucks, I decided to invest in one. With my rainy-day music on the radio I drove over to 10-fitness.

From behind the front desk, I was greeted by the most handsome man (my now boyfriend of 1.5 years!) and we toured the gym; he signed me up that day.

Aaron and I at a Razorback game last year

I then continued training primarily in the gym (carefully – running too far on the treadmill can cause damage), all the way to February. I ran ten miles three weeks before the race. Then, during the next couple weeks, snow fell heavily in Little Rock. My tests and classes were cancelled, pushing 4 tests to the week after the Half Marathon. How was I going to run the Half and have enough energy to study for those tests?

I ended up sitting out, even though I’d trained so hard. I called Aaron the night before wondering what I should do because I was torn. I haven’t had time to train seriously since then due to a busier schedule, but I plan to run it again this year!

Since nursing school’s end a few months ago, I have not yet developed a consistent schedule…with studying for NCLEX and orientation the last couple weeks, the only thing that’s kept me active is Harvey! My beagle-dachshund mix runs me (haha…no really). We try for two 1-mile run-walks per day: one in the morning and one at night when it’s cool.

Last night, we went walking with my mom and sister at a small trail I’d never been to before. Harvey loved it: new smells, and a few rabbits to taunt him! It’s always a great joy for me to be outside in God’s creation, breathing fresh air and looking at new scenery. I have my favorite places, but sometimes it’s beneficial to try something new!

If any of you have a hard time bending your schedule, I would encourage you to get out for just 20 minutes  a day and exercise. Most people have 20 minutes! And when you’re doing something you love, 20 minutes could turn into 45 minutes or an hour. It could be walking, interval training or strength training. This is my first week being a nurse for 3 days a week (yay!) with no other obligations, so I’ll be working out along with you.  If you want to read a Q and A about the benefits of 20 minutes a day click here. For a 20-minute workout example click here.

I’ll keep you updated on how my workouts are going and what I’m doing!


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Walking with the fam, minus Dad and Matt.Fun! We are sweaty!
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Harvey has sleepy-eyes. He is so tired after exercising with us.
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“When are you people going to get me some water?”
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Sister and me
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Love my Harvey!



One thought on “Exercise: Since nursing school

  1. Not everyone has the discipline to rock a workout and keep it consistent. The fact that you are is awesome not just for your body. In this day and age? Mental health! Talk about self-esteem and so many other psychological issues huh?

    Personally, though I was kinda chastised for it, one of the main reason to why I workout- It’s to be sexy for m’lady haha!

    To your readers, if you are thinking about working out? Remember, starting is the easy part. The tough part comes in the middle when the commitment starts to wobble. If you can stick it through with your routine, gradually turning it into a habit/lifestyle?

    Trust me, you’d feel weird when you don’t workout lol! The fact that you are thinking about working out means that you’re aware of an issue and you’ve found the solution to it. Why not grab the solution now and get started in solving the problem now? Go on, champ 😉

    Nice post here Katie. Seriously! Stay healthy- The world need more good nurses like you so don’t you go down now lol! Talk again bud 😉

    Your pal,


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