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My Fitness Plan: Venus Factor Fat Loss

While reading some fitness articles the other day I came across an awesome video advertising Venus Factor Fat Loss. After watching a video containing a series of before/after photos and an explanation of the science behind this program, I decided I had to try it!


Venus Factor is a twelve-week program designed to kick-start fat loss and health habits. It is a Metabolic Override Program, incorporating calorie shifting technology. It’s good for those who want to lose anywhere from 5-10 lbs or 50-100 lbs. There are deficit days and maintenance days (these will be my cheat days!), and these calorie limits are based on your weight and age. A calendar provides a timeframe for when shifting occurs.

In addition to meal plans, scientific tips, podcasts, and community forums, this program includes weekly workouts. The workouts are simple (don’t be fooled!), but if you have never done the workouts or haven’t in a while, they will make you sore. The suggested requirement is at least 3 workouts per week, but it’s always good to do more if you have time and energy! I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. It hurts to laugh 🙂


I’m only on day 2 of the program, but I’m figuring the Venus Factor App out pretty quickly. You can access all purchased material through the app or on iBooks for iPhone. The app is very user-friendly, and even has a place to track your daily measurements and progress pictures!

The app calculates your ideal measurements based on your current measurements, weight, height, and age. My goal is to lose a few inches here and there, mostly “cellulite” through burning fat and increasing muscle tone for a firmer appearance. Nursing school was rough on my body at times, and I’m ready to say bye to the cellulite and gain pounds of muscle afterward. I do not plan to follow through with the full 12 weeks of this program, but I will nevertheless continue to update with my progress. This is more of a tool to get me back on track–eating heathy, in moderation, and exercising.

Venus Index suggests that My Fitness Pal or some similar app is used to track daily calories if possible. It’s easy to go over, and staying within limit is important for a diet such as this. If you deviate and eat a little more than recommended one day, don’t worry!

This is your journey and everyone needs room to make a few mistakes. Though this diet claims to be okay for persons with Hypothyroidism or other metabolic problems, I would increase your calorie intake and use this program with caution if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of any kind.

This program allows for flexibility and convenience, because you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your calorie and macro limit. Follow the diet plans exactly, or substitute your favorite foods you can’t do without!

I think the hardest part for me will be fasting for at least 12 hours, from dinner until breakfast. For women especially, fasting is how we raise leptin,the fat-burning hormone, in our body. I’m a big nighttime snacker (and that’s what’s gotten me through all those late nights during nursing school, for real).

Leptin increases overnight while we sleep and keeps our metabolism burning fat until we eat the next day. This will be tricky for me on night shift, but I will act as if my night is the entire day, and fast until I wake up in the afternoon!


Ill keep you updated on my progress! Let me know if you have questions.




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