Design On a Budget: My Recent Purchases

If you have the money available for home decor, it’s easy to splurge on something expensive rather than hunting for an affordable alternative. And there are some items, in my opinion, that shouldn’t be bought “used” (hearing horror stories of infested fabrics and such has certainly deterred me and changed some opinions I once held).

But decorating on a budget is fun for me. I love thrifting and bargain shopping, and I love transforming old into new. Sometimes I go with a specific item in mind, and other times I scan the stores just to see new arrivals since my last visit. Some cringe at the thought of Goodwill or Saver’s, and if so, there are options for you to save as well!

If you prefer to buy new, there are places to find quality items at a discount. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods are some of my favorites. A recent discovery is Groupon, where for a limited time you can buy select items at an extreme discount (with free shipping)! Target and Dillard’s mark their items down from time to time, and if you browse on the right day you can find a great deal.

I’m house-hunting with a plan to move in a few months, and I’m slowly looking for deals and stocking up on new items every week.

A week ago, I searched Groupon for white sheets and a white down-comforter. The deals surprised me. I had a $10 off coupon, so I was able to purchase a white striped Queen Sheet Set and reversible Down Comforter (white-white) for under $50 including shipping (over a $280 value). How great is that? Free returns within 7 days, too. I’ll review these items when I pick them up from my apartment office.

Another of my recent budget-purchases this week included new pillows and a glass vase from TJ Maxx. One color in my living room is burnt-orange, and I wanted a contrasting pop of color to brighten and cool the room down. Since blue is orange’s complementary color, why not try it? This look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in addition to the cool element, it brought a more modern feel to my traditional furniture.

I bought 2 white pillows for $8-a-piece, and one blue pillow for $16. I saved about $40!

The white pillows are super soft, made of smooth polyester fibers and quilted with a fish scale design.

The blue pillow, also made of polyester, is quilted with white thread, with a box-like crisscross design. I love the contrast against my couch!

My last TJ Maxx purchase was a blue glass vase for $2.99. Made with recycled material and filled with dollar-tree flowers, the vase adds more blue to the room and decoration to my coffee table.

If you have a certain look you’re trying to achieve, attempting to bargain shop can save some serious money.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment and share your own bargain finds and tips!


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Harvey loves the new pillows!
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Blue, burnt-orange, and white
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$2.99 vase

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