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“Fast-Fire’d”: Blaze Pizza Review

180 seconds to bake a pizza from scratch…sound impossible? Not for Blaze Pizza, it isn’t. With a “blazing” oven reaching up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or more, your select pizza will be done in a matter of minutes. I’ve been here a couple times recently with my boyfriend Aaron, and it’s becoming a new favorite of ours. It’s a perfect quick meal before my night shift, too.

Beginning with an assembly line, the employees at Blaze use fresh ingredients from start to finish. Gluten-free and vegan options are available, and all products are nut-free. Choose from salads, signature pizzas, or build-your-own pizza.

I have yet to try a salad from Blaze, mainly because I’m a pizza girl…I can’t resist (and I literally eat pizza several times per week at the very least). But there’s a variety of salad options to choose from, and they sound scrumptious. Give the menu a look here.

Signature and build-your-own pizzas are choices that have my full recommendation. There is one standard-sized pizza at Blaze, and it has 6 slices.

Allow specialty pizzas to serve as a combination guide, adding or subtracting ingredients to meet your taste needs. Whether specialty or build-your-own, choose as many pizza toppings as you want–the price doesn’t change! Pick your base sauce, cheeses, and toppings as you go through the assembly line. Wait 180 seconds, and there we have it. Pizza!

The textures and flavors are hard to beat, especially for the price ($8) and time it takes to make. The pizza dough is midway between a thin and a thick crust, cooked to perfection with a balanced chew and crunch.

The portion is slightly bigger than a standard “personal pan,” big enough for snacking and sharing but light enough to eat the whole thing! I usually eat 3 pieces at once and save the other 3 for later.

The first flavor I tried was the Art Lover pizza, which includes: mozzarella, artichokes, ricotta, garlic, black olives (which I added), and red sauce dollops, salt and oregano. The second was the Red Vine, and I left it as-is: red sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, parmesan, salt, oregano, and an olive oil drizzle.

Aaron’s personal favorite is build-your-own, and he chooses the pesto sauce for his sauce base instead of red sauce.

Desserts and drinks include S’more pies, beer, wine, tea, and coke products. Sit down and atay awhile, or take a coke to go!

Did you know? This franchise boasts Eco-friendly utensils, boxes, etc. and provides fundraising opportunities to those interested. Read more FAQ’s here.

No matter if you’re dining in or out, this food stands on its own. I’m confident that Blaze Pizza has a match for your tastebuds. Get your “fast-fire-d” pizza today!

Comment below with your pizza favorites. Thanks for reading!


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